Hackers Arise – Cybersecurity/Hacker Starter Bundle


With this package, you can master Linux and Python, learn the basics of networking, pass the CWA and Security+ certification exams, learn to hack Wi-Fi and take the first steps to becoming a master hacker!

This package includes;
  1. Linux Basics for Hackers v2 companion videos ($99 value)
  2. Certified WhiteHat Associate (CWA) Prep v2 course ($99 value)
  3. Getting Started Becoming a Master Hacker PDF ($32.99 value)
  4. Getting Started Becoming a Master Hacker companion videos ($69 value)
  5. Network Basics for Hackers videos ($99 value)
  6. Security+ Prep training videos ($99 value)
  7. Python Basics for Hackers v2 videos ($99 value)
  8. Wi-Fi Hacking v3 training videos ($69 value)


HOMEPAGE – https://www.hackers-arise.com/online-store/Cybersecurity-Hacker-Starter-Bundle-p378227691


Original Price: $179
Our Price: $10


Size: 9.86 GB