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    From Zero to Hero: Writing Clean Code with C#

    “Clean Code” is one of the most used phrases in software engineering but is also one of the most misused. What does Clean Code mean, and what makes our code dirty or clean? The concept was popularized by Robert C. Martin or “Uncle Bob”, and it is a set of practices that will help you write code that is easier …

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    In this series we will be covering the use of network mapper utility aptly called Nmap. This series aims to give the viewer a firm grasp of the concepts and applications inherent to Nmap, such as Host Discovery, Port Scanning, Service/OS/Version Detection, and the Nmap Scripting Engine(NSE) for the purposes of security and general network administration.




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    Professional JS: Features You Need to Know

    Discover the latest features available in JavaScript that you can start using immediately in your web applications. After an overview of how yearly ECMAScript updates work, you will learn about new operators, patterns, array, and string enhancements, as well as other changes. By attending this workshop, you will be able to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the …

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    Unreal Engine for Filmmakers: Go from Beginner to Pro in Just 10 Days

    The Unreal Engine for Filmmakers course offers something for everyone, from pre-visualization and storyboard artists, to visual effects artists, filmmakers, and game cinematics creators. After taking this course, you’ll be equipped with all the skills you need to work in any professional setting, and trained in the most up-to-date, industry standard techniques & workflows available.




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    Web Security, v2

    This workshop is designed to provide frontend web developers and JavaScript engineers with a comprehensive understanding of web security. Covering topics from basic principles to advanced security techniques, participants will learn about common vulnerabilities, prevention strategies, and best practices to secure their web applications.




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    Security Defense and Detection TTX w/ Amanda Berlin & Jeremy Mio

    Security Defense and Detection TTX is a comprehensive four-day tabletop exercise that involves the introduction to completion of security TTXs (tabletop exercises), IR playbooks, and after-action reports. The exercises are paired with video and lab demonstrations that reinforce their purpose. The training as a whole is compatible with the world’s most popular RPG rules.




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    Understanding React

    Even if you’ve been using React for years, your mental model is likely inaccurate. That’s because the best mental model is understanding how something really works.

    React is wildly popular and well-established in the job market for web developers. However, to use and debug it well, you must understand how it actually works.

    In this course, designed for both React beginners and experienced React …

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    Digital forensics and incident response are two of the most critical fields in all of information security. The staggering number of reported breaches in the last several years has shown that the ability to rapidly respond to attacks is a vital capability for all organizations. Unfortunately, the standard IT staff member is simply unable to effectively respond to security incidents. …

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    Attack Emulation Tools: Atomic Red Team, CALDERA and More w/ Carrie Roberts

    This class will provide an overview of the MITRE ATT&CK framework and give you in-depth, hands-on knowledge of how to execute scripted attacks that exercise many of the techniques defined in MITRE ATT&CK. You will be provided with hands-on lab instructions for emulating a variety of attacks and creating visualizations using the MITRE ATT&CK Navigator. At the end of this …