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    The Art of Malware Analysis

    This course teaches the process of examining malicious software to understand how it works in a safe manner. With the growing number of cyber threats, the ability to analyze and understand malware is becoming an essential skill for professionals working in the cybersecurity industry. By taking this course, you can gain the knowledge and skills required to analyze different types …

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    INE – DevSecOps Bootcamp

    In today’s world of continuous integration and continuous delivery, it has become imperative to involve security checks at every step of the process. The automation of build, deployment, and setup preparation processes using DevOps process as well as automating code review, security scanning, security testing, and vulnerability management using DevSecOps processes improves the quality and security posture of the project …

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    Exploitation with Kali

    This course consists of 100% hands-on technical labs, utilizing Kali Linux to hack a variety of intentionally vulnerable operating systems. All of the resources to build the labs are free. Detailed instructions on how to set up the labs are included within this course. To make the most out of this course, it is recommended that you actually perform the …

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    DevSecOps Bootcamp

    Stand out and 10x your value with this in-demand skills. Cybercrime is expected to cost companies 10.5 Trillion annually. With the rate of attacks increasing, the demand for DevSecOps skills is at an all-time high. Be recognized as a top tech professional and land high-paying jobs.

    You will be able to
    Drive adoption of DevSecOps at your company
    Automate security checks to prevent …

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    Windows Services for Red Teamers


    ⚙️Services basics

    ⚙️Services Components

    ⚙️ SCM and Control Dispatcher

    ⚙️ServiceMain and Control Handler

    ⚙️ Creating our malicious service

    ⚙️ Persistent techniques

    ⚙️Privilege Escalation via misconfigured services

    ⚙️Abusing Unquoted Service Paths




    Original Price: $10
    Our Price: $4
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    Securing Linux for the Cloud

    In this course, *Securing Linux for the Cloud*, you’ll learn how to effectively harden the Linux servers in your cloud architecture. First, you’ll explore some general security concepts and steps you can take to get things started. Next, you’ll discover the role of SELinux and AppArmor and gain the skills to use both. Finally, you’ll learn how to secure your …

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    Advanced Red Team Operations w/ John Stigerwalt

    This is an advanced course that focuses on setting up secure and resilient C2 infrastructure using Azure/AWS, creating custom Cobalt Strike profiles, hunting for Active Directory Certificate Services misconfigurations in mature enterprise environments. Learn current post-exploitation techniques that White Knight Labs (WKL) has used during real-life engagements to dump credentials, move laterally, escalate to Domain Admin, and capture the client’s …

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    Injection flaws have dominated web application vulnerability lists since time immemorial. And despite OWASP reducing their ranking from 1 to 3, they are still one of the most devastating web application vulnerabilities. Efforts have been made for years to secure applications against related attacks, from new frameworks to new defensive techniques. A lot has been done, but is it enough? …

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    Mastering Burp Suite Pro, 100% hands-on

    Burp Suite Pro is the leading tool for auditing Web applications at large, but also a complex beast where new features get added every few weeks. Mastering Burp Suite Pro, including its newest features, allows testers to get the most out of the tool, optimizing time spent auditing and testing. Work will be faster (hotkeys!) and much more efficient (more tools, …