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    Practical Pentesting: featuring Brad Stine

    Need to create a pen test final report? In this course, learn how to properly pre-plan and execute a successful pen test following the client’s scope of work.




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    The Bug Hunter’s Methodology Live Course

    I am thrilled to introduce you to The Bug Hunter’s Methodology LIVE, my masterclass designed for aspiring and seasoned offensive security professionals, including web application security testers, red teamers, and bug bounty hunters.

    The Bug Hunter’s Methodology (TBHM) is a two-day, paid, virtual training that aims to equip you with the latest tools, techniques, and strategies, plus provide …

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    Python for Cybersecurity Specialization

    Master Python for a variety of cybersecurity tasks. This Specialization provides an application-driven introduction to using Python for cybersecurity.

    Python is one of the most popular and widely-used programming languages in the world due to its high usability and large collection of libraries. This learning path provides an application-driven introduction to using Python for cybersecurity. Python can …

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    Privilege Escalation for OSCP and Beyond – Bundle!

    This course teaches privilege escalation in Linux, from basics such as how permissions work, to in-depth coverage and demonstrations of actual privilege escalation techniques. The course comes with a full set of slides (170+), and an intentionally misconfigured Debian VM which can be used by students to practice their own privilege escalation.

    This course teaches privilege escalation in Windows, from basics …

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    Web Application Penetration Testing Professional (eWPTv2)

    Interested in learning how to assess and mitigate real-world web application vulnerabilities an organization could potentially be exposed to? The Web Application Penetration Testing Learning Path is a comprehensive and structured journey designed to equip aspiring penetration testers, Web App Security Professionals, Bug Bounty Hunters, and web developers with the essential skills and knowledge required to plan and perform a …

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    Windows Internals Red Team Operator [CWI-RTO]

    • Start your journey in Microsoft Windows Internals
    • Unveil common Win32/NT APIs used by the malwares
    • Understand malwares abusing internals from user-mode perspective
    • Perform various challenges/exercises to learn Windows Internals
    • Learn different kernel data structures (EPROCES, ETHREAD, KPCR etc.) through Windbg




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    Website Hacking Techniques

    Learn Web Application Input Validation and Error Handling Testing to be a Master in Industry Based Web PenTesting

    Familiarize yourself with major web application attacks such as SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Brute Force, Malicious File Upload, and Encryption attacks on websites. The inclusion of industry-based practicals to learn about web PenTesting can help professionals and beginners alike web PenTesting.


    HOMEPAGE – <a ...

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    Software Ethical Hacking – How to Crack Software Legally

    If you want to learn how to crack software legally, the fun and easy way like playing a computer game, then this course is for you.

    What you’ll learn
    How to crack software serial number keys
    Remove Nag Screen Reminders asking you to register
    Convert Trial Software to Fully Functional Software
    Extend 30-day Trial Period Software
    Learn Reverse Engineering and Assembly Language
    Protect your software by learning how …

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    Beginner’s Guide to IoT and Hardware Hacking

    The Beginner’s Guide to IoT and Hardware Hacking course teaches foundational skills and techniques required to get started performing security research and testing on IoT devices and hardware. This course focuses mainly on the hardware aspects of IoT hacking and how to use the underlying access to physical hardware to aid in and amplify the ability to hunt for vulnerabilities. While …