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    IKNK Trading Accelerator

    Become A Pro Day Trader With The 90 Day IKNK Trading Accelerator

    15 Year Veteran Day Trader Cameron Fous And His Top Student Mathew Sentes Guide You Every Step of the Way On Your Path To Financial Freedom.

    No matter the market conditions. Whether the economy is in meltdown and stocks are falling. Or …

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    Cyber Security SOC Analyst Training – SIEM (Splunk) – [2022]

    Cyber Security SOC analyst training Splunk (SIEM) For those who are aspiring to certify themselves as well as enhance their knowledge and skills on becoming a SOC analyst. This course is specially designed for all level of interested candidates who wants get in to SOC.

    Work of a SOC analyst?

    A Security Operation Center Analyst is primarily responsible for all activities that occur …

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    Instagram Empire

    The marketing blueprint to growing & monetizing your IG brand to its first $100,000!

    This course was built to hold nothing back. I’m not upselling you anything unlike my competitors. You get everything you need right here.

    You won’t be able to find this information and strategies anywhere else on the internet!

    This course has 15+ hours worth of content. It’s broken down into 40+ video lessons that teach you everything from explosive growth hacks for organic …

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    CSS for JavaScript Developers

    The all-new interactive learning experience designed to help JavaScript developers become confident with CSS.

    For a lot of front-end developers, CSS is the most frustrating part of their work.

    When you make a mistake in Typescript, you get a helpful tooltip telling you exactly what you did wrong. In CSS, by contrast, you’re left in the dark, without …

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    Secure Operations and Protections

    Understanding how to keep data operations secure and protect data is a critical part of any organizations day-to-day business. With more than 3 hours of video training, Secure Operations and Protections LiveLessons dives into the methodologies behind how organizations and secure operation centers observe, collect, and secure data. This course provides the learner with an understanding of basic operations and architectures that …

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    Make Money as a Freelancer

    Here’s the path to becoming a freelancer.

    Step 1 – Learn a skill.

    Step 2 – Get clients.

    Step 3 – Use your client results to get more clients.

    The course will show you…

    > Which skills are selling today, and which to stay away from.

    > How to become an expert at those skills.

    > Pricing & offer structures.

    > How to get clients.

    <p ...
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    Azure DevOps (AZ-400): Development Processes & Source Control

    This course is based on a major section of the AZ-400 Certification from Microsoft: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions, and includes important fundamental and in-depth lectures and demonstrations on how to start with Azure DevOps.

    Using the Skylines Academy approach, lectures will educate you on the fundamental terms and principles of Azure DevOps, and demos will enable you with a hands-on experience using scenarios to empower you in the real …

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    CISCO SD-WAN Configuration & Troubleshooting

    In Cisco SD-WAN Configuration & Troubleshooting, we start by discussing the two major types of templates and how to use them to deploy 10’s or 100’s of devices. Cisco SD-WAN supports numerous types of policies, we will explore data, application-aware route, VPN memberships, and others. Finally, we will learn how to troubleshoot and debug the control plane and data plane. …

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    Certified Enterprise Security Controls Attack Specialist [CESC-AS]

    Apex Threat Actors having advanced capabilities like leveraging in-memory implants, writing custom codes to evade AVs & EDR, moving laterally with custom made Tools, evading host and network level security solutions for stealthiness etc are constantly consolidating their attack techniques (and Tactics) against Defensive Teams.

    Students will gain enough knowledge of the enterprise-grade security controls and how they can be stealthily evaded in Host-levelNetwork-levelCloud-Level (EDR) and in …