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    Open Source Software Development, Linux and Git Specialization

    The Open Source Software Development, Linux and Git Specialization will give you a strong foundation for working comfortably and productively in open source development communities. By completing the Specialization, you’ll have a better understanding of the Linux environment, as well as methods and tools required to successfully use it, and you’ll know how to use Git, the distributed version control …

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    Blue Team Level 1 – SecurityBlue

    BTL1 is designed to train technical defenders that are capable of defending networks and responding to cyber incidents. Below are some examples of the skills and experience you will gain.

    Analysing and responding to phishing attacks
    Performing forensics investigations to collect and analyse digital evidence
    Using a SIEM platform to investigate malicious activity
    Log and network traffic analysis including malware infections
    Conducting threat actor research
    and …

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    WordPress – SuperHi

    A flexible, go-at-your-own-pace 8-week online course that teaches you how to use WordPress to build custom websites with CMSs, reviews and payment features. It’s designed to have you building completely custom CMS driven sites within the first few weeks.

    WordPress is great for blogs, e-commerce and building sites to hand off to clients. Learn how …

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    The YouTube Growth Program

    Learn step-by-step how to grow your YouTube channel fast and turn it into a Six-Figure Income Generating Machine.

    Learn the EXACT strategies, SEO growth hacks and algorithm secrets that boosted my social media presence from 0 to 100,000 Subscribers on YouTube in LESS than SIX months with ZERO prior video editing or YouTube experience. You will learn how I built a $25,000+ PER MONTH …

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    Systems Security Certified Practitioner (2022)

    SSCP (Systems Security Certified Practitioner) Complete Video Course is a unique video product that teaches you the fundamentals of system security.




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    3D Character Design Party

    Explore the classic 3D pipeline for sculpting, retopology, texturing, and character rendering.

    This course covers entire professional character modeling pipeline.
    We will start by sculpting a character using Zbrush which is industry standard since digital sculpting was invented by Pixologic. You will learn common professional techniques to do retopology and uv unwrapping
    to prepare model for texturing and rendering. Next you’ll use Substance Painter to paint …

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    Assembly Language Adventures

    The Assembly Language Adventures video course teaches you your computer’s language – x86 assembly language, from scratch. No prior knowledge is assumed.

    This course covers everything from the real basics to being an independent (and tough) x86 Assembly programmer.




    Original Price: $27
    Our Price: $3
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    Want to learn our cold email recipe that enables us to predictably & profitably find agency clients, without anxiety or fighting the email gods?


    • Learn exactly how to make your business ideas a reality, virtually risk free. No case studies? No problem.
    • Learn the same system we use to generate over $100 million without paid …
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    Powershell for Pentesters

    The PowerShell For Penetration Testers (PFPT) is an online course designed for teaching PowerShell to penetration testers, system administrators and other security professionals. You will be able to use and write tools in PowerShell which is installed by default of all modern Windows operating systems. The course will be of interest for anyone who wants to know more about using …