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    VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization 2024 (VCP-DCV 2024) vSphere 8

    This intermediate VCP-DCV training prepares junior virtualization engineers to manage, deploy, and troubleshoot vSphere 8 environments for virtual machines, storage, and networks.




    Original Price: $59
    Our Price: $6
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    Offensive Tool Development

    The Offensive Tool Development is the first course which is dedicated to Windows API exploitation to build your own tools for Red Team Engagements.

    This course is highly technical in nature, involving a lot of coding and all the tools will be written in either C or C++, sometimes PowerShell (maybe 5%) to make sure the user has capabilitiy to load …

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    Threat Reconnaissance Using Remote Scoutware

    Incident response to live cyberattacks requires silent navigation through compromised assets, sometimes in large distributed networks. The popular approach relies on EDR or other live agent-based solutions. However, the activation of security agents and obvious activities on live compromised systems may trigger alerts of advanced threat actors. Once alerted, a cleanup operation and destruction of evidence can happen. Moreover, offline …

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    MySQL Backups

    Luckily, guarding against data loss isn’t as hard as you think!

    With just a few key concepts and examples,you’ll know how to guard against accidents and server failures with minimum or no data loss!




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    Windows Enterprise Incident Response

    This intensive three-day course is designed to teach the fundamental investigative techniques needed to respond to today’s cyber threats. The fast-paced course is built upon a series of hands-on labs that highlight the phases of a targeted attack, sources of evidence and principles of analysis. Examples of skills taught include how to conduct rapid triage on a system to determine …

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    Creative Red Teaming (PDF-Tools)

    Mandiant red teams have conducted hundreds of covert red team operations. This course draws on that knowledge to help learners improve their ability to prevent, detect, and respond to threats in an enterprise network.

    Learners will better understand advanced threat actor behavior that Mandiant experts have observed through incident response investigations. Learners will also see how Mandiant red teams refine advanced …

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    Master the Linux Command-Line & Bash Scripting

    This course is a comprehensive immersion into the command-line of Linux and other UNIX-like systems. We’ll learn the most popular shell tools and introduce concepts of Operating System theory that became popular with the UNIX OS.




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    Bro Scripting

    Hands-On Bro Scripting is a foundational course that will help you unlock the flexibility of Bro to make sure you have the right data at the right time.

    You’ll also develop useful foundational scripts you can use to guide your detection and analysis. This includes scripts for detecting large HTTP flows, extracting files based on MIME type, determining the ratios of HTTP …

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    Rendering University – Blender Bros

    Introducing Rendering University-an A-Z Bible of EVERYTHING you need to know about rendering, composition, and presentation in order to build the 3D lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of.

    This …