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    Pragmatic VEX

    Pragmatic VEX is a highly planned, highly edited series aimed to increase the technical capacity of the artists and TDs. This series will enable you to tackle more complex production shots with complete control and ease by acquiring a deeper technical understanding of how things work in Houdini at the lowest level with a strong applied focus on high-end feature film …

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    In this tutorial, Richard will review how he learned and practiced bringing my characters to motion from imagination.

    You will learn easy techniques and principles to help you understand, progress, and bring your characters to life.




    Original Price: $125
    Our Price: $7
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    The Ultimate UI Design Mastery Bundle

    The world of UI design might seem unclear and overly complex. You’re not alone in feeling this way! Understanding UI design can feel like trying to learn a new language.

    Let’s start this journey together! Let’s take the mystery out of UI design and turn it into an exciting challenge and an opportunity for growth and mastery. Let’s start …

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    Unreal Engine for Filmmakers: Go from Beginner to Pro in Just 10 Days

    The Unreal Engine for Filmmakers course offers something for everyone, from pre-visualization and storyboard artists, to visual effects artists, filmmakers, and game cinematics creators. After taking this course, you’ll be equipped with all the skills you need to work in any professional setting, and trained in the most up-to-date, industry standard techniques & workflows available.




    Original Price: $100
    Our …

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    The Ride A Blender Car Animation Course

    In this course, we are going to cover all the topics you need to master, to create your own 3D projects such as : 

    • Blender basics (For absolute beginners) 
    • Assets research
    • Assets library
    • Environment design
    • Lighting
    • Animation
    • How to rig a car
    • Car animation
    • Camera shots
    • Camera animation
    • Project planning
    • Camera framing for TikTok, Instagram or YouTube short
    • Smoke Simulation
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    Rendering University – Blender Bros

    Introducing Rendering University-an A-Z Bible of EVERYTHING you need to know about rendering, composition, and presentation in order to build the 3D lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of.

    This …

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    Full Character Rigging in After Effects

    Hi there, you all have been probably offered a project in which you need to do character rigging in After Effects.

    but because you think the rig and animating a character is very hard and you’re not able to do it, you reject the offer and you don’t even go for it. Or maybe many times you wanted to solve this problem and once …

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    3D Motion Beast

    Discover a treasure trove of Cinema 4D art and animation as the complete production pipeline comes together in one exceptional course and software. Prepare to embark on a mind-blowing journey encompassing 3D production, animation, editing, compositing, and screenwriting.




    Original Price: $499
    Our Price: $20
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    ART School

    Welcome to Art School for Digital Artists! Want to learn art as a complete beginner or take your existing art skills to the next level? You’ve come to the right place!

    You will learn all the essential skills needed to get ahead in the crowded digital art industry with a curriculum packed with content you actually need and none of which …