eLearnSecurity – Exploit Development Student

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Course at a glance

  • Based on techniques professional exploit developers use
  • Thoroughly covers fundamental as well as advanced exploitation techniques
  • Software debugging
  • Shellcoding
  • Covers both Windows and Linux exploit development
  • Methodology on how to identify and fully exploit 0-day vulnerabilities
  • Covers bypassing modern anti-exploit mechanisms
  • Learn how to use tools like Immunity Debugger, x32dbg, Mona, Pwntools, GDB, Ropper, etc.
  • Extremely Hands-on with 19 labs and exercises
  • For pentesters who want to advance their career


HOMEPAGE – https://www.elearnsecurity.it/course/exploit_development_student/


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Our Price: $6.99


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Size: 2.01 GB


  • Solid understanding of Windows & Linux internals
  • Basic reverse engineering skills
  • Pentesting basics
  • Basic Python scripting skills
  • Basic understanding of x86/x64 assembly and C/C++ language – Covering assembly and C/C++ programming is beyond the scope of the course
  • Knowledge of fundamental programming concepts such as variables, loops, functions, etc.

This training course is for…

  • Pentesters
  • Vulnerability Researchers
  • IT personnel / students
  • IT Security enthusiasts
  • Aspiring CTF players

1 review for eLearnSecurity – Exploit Development Student

  1. Francesco Lucarini

    Bro I have a question the videos are : Socket Reuse Shellcode 1 2 3 and Backdooring PE files 1 2 3?

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