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    Exam AZ-400 Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

    Prepare for Microsoft Exam AZ-400 Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions, and demonstrate your knowledge of the tools and services that make up the Microsoft Azure DevOps solution. This certification is relevant to any IT professional whose responsibilities include designing and implementing strategies for collaboration, code, infrastructure, source control, security, compliance, continuous integration, testing, delivery, monitoring, and feedback.

    The days of …

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    AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

    The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer is one of the most valuable and in-demand cloud certifications available. It tests your in-depth knowledge of a wide range of AWS products and services. It evidences your ability to design, implement and manage complex devops pipelines and solutions within AWS.

    By enrolling in this course I’m going to teach you how to easily overcome the …

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    Microsoft AZ-500 Certification Course: Azure Security Technologies

    Properly securing resources while making them available to users that require access is a constant concern within an IT and cloud environment. This course will explore how to manage identities, provide role-based access, and secure data within an Azure ecosystem.

    During your journey, Skylines Academy will lead you through a series of sections, modules, and demos to prepare you for taking, …

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    Practical Windows PowerShell Scripting, Second Edition

    PowerShell can help you automate a variety of tasks from Windows Server management to rich reporting, to building full blown, graphical applications. But learning PowerShell can be intimidating; its not intuitive and alias use can make code difficult to read.

    In this video, Microsoft MVP Brien Posey helps you learn PowerShell with minimal effort. He writes code that is easy to …

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    DevOps in the Cloud with Terraform, Ansible, and Jenkins | MoreThanCertified

    In this course, you’re going to embark on an exciting project as we build a Prometheus and Grafana Observability platform in the AWS Cloud!

    We’ll use Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, Git, and other tools to accomplish this, all while giving you hands-on experience with all of these super popular tools.




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    AZ-800 Training: Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure

    AZ-800 training will familiarize a server administrator with all aspects of hybrid server management — from the mundane to the highly specific and advanced. The Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate contains two exams — the AZ-800 covers general server administration tasks while the AZ-801 goes into detail on specialized responsibilities like disaster recovery and workload migration.

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    SQL for Data Practitioners

    This entry-level SQL for Data Practitioners training prepares data practitioners to use SQL to perform advanced queries, build stable databases, and optimize your data lakes and warehouses.

    When data is stored away inside massive data warehouses or inside databases just waiting to be put to use, getting it out and into the places where you can use it requires speaking the …

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    Hands-On with AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)

    Do you need to migrate data to AWS but aren’t sure where to start? This course will teach you practical, hands-on skills to get you started with AWS Database Migration Service (DMS), the AWS service that helps you migrate databases to AWS quickly and with limited downtime.




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    Red Hat Certified Specialist in Containers and Kubernetes (EX180) and OpenShift Administration (EX280)

    Red Hat Certified Specialist in Containers and Kubernetes Complete Video Course: Red Hat EX180 provides an in-depth analysis of the core objectives and topics in the Red Hat EX180 exam so you can get started with containers on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift, the Red Hat Kubernetes distribution, while also preparing for the Red Hat exam EX180. Topics include managing …