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    The DNS course for developers

    They say you should learn the fundamentals, and the rest will fall into place. DNS is right at the foundation of the internet. Having a clear understanding of DNS will help you configure and debug DNS many times throughout your career.




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    This course begins at the starting line and takes you all the way to the finish line. You will learn all the key terms of Git, how to use Git at a job, how to use Git in open-source, and how to fix common Git problems. By the end, you won’t be blindly pasting commands and hoping it works. You …

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    Complete Intro to SQL & PostgreSQL

    SQL is a timeless skillset you’ll find in nearly every modern application! Using the popular PostgreSQL database, you’ll learn to set up, model, and query your data through real-world projects. You’ll also understand how to model complex relationships in your data and query data from large datasets.




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    Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) EX294, 2nd Edition

    Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) EX294, Second Edition provides more than 9 hours of video training to give you a solid understanding of the RHCE objectives. Experienced author and trainer Sander van Vugt covers all topics in the exam and ends each lesson with a lab walkthrough, so you can see how to complete goals and solve scenarios in real time. …

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    INE – DevSecOps Bootcamp

    In today’s world of continuous integration and continuous delivery, it has become imperative to involve security checks at every step of the process. The automation of build, deployment, and setup preparation processes using DevOps process as well as automating code review, security scanning, security testing, and vulnerability management using DevSecOps processes improves the quality and security posture of the project …

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    DevSecOps Bootcamp

    Stand out and 10x your value with this in-demand skills. Cybercrime is expected to cost companies 10.5 Trillion annually. With the rate of attacks increasing, the demand for DevSecOps skills is at an all-time high. Be recognized as a top tech professional and land high-paying jobs.

    You will be able to
    Drive adoption of DevSecOps at your company
    Automate security checks to prevent …

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    Cloud Essentials

    Cloud Essentials (Video Course) is the one course you need to get started on Cloud services. It is a full comprehensive guide to learning basic cloud operations fundamentals and an introduction to the basics of the Cloud. Cloud services are some of themost popular subjects for technology professionals, and this video will provide you with a foundational understanding of different cloud …

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    Practical Automation with PowerShell, Video Edition

    Practical Automation in PowerShell reveals how you can use PowerShell to build automation solutions for a huge number of common admin and DevOps tasks. Author Matthew Dowst uses his decades of experience to lay out a real blueprint for setting up an enterprise scripting environment with PowerShell. The book goes beyond the basics to show you how to handle the …

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    Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA), 3rd Edition

    Get the edge you need to successfully study for and pass the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam in this all-new video course. This 3rd edition acts as a complete study resource to help you build skills as you work your way through the course. Explore each exam objective on the CKA exam and learn how to build, run, and manage Kubernetes …