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    Advanced Analysis with Power BI

    Advanced Analysis with Power BI examines various methods for teasing out insights from data using statistical methodologies and presenting significant findings in visually compelling formats. The course starts with basic statistics such as standard deviation and then progresses to AI and machine learning analysis where Power BI does all the heavy lighting allowing the user to investigate and dynamically explore …

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    x86_64 Assembly Language and Shellcoding on Linux

    This course focuses on teaching the basics of 64-bit assembly language for the x86_64 family of processors on the Linux platform and applying it to Infosec. Once we are through with the basics, we will look at writing shellcode, encoders, decoders, crypters and other advanced low level applications.




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    Linux Forensics

    This course will familiarize students with all aspects of Linux forensics. By the end of this course students will be able to perform live analysis, capture volatile data, make images of media, analyze filesystems, analyze network traffic, analyze files, perform memory analysis, and analyze malware all on a Linux system with readily available free and open source tools. Students will …

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    Certified Blockchain Expert – Blockchain Council

    The Certified Blockchain Expert programme has a comprehensive curriculum that will introduce you to the various facets of Blockchain technology and the industry that is growing around it. The certification will also assist you in understanding Blockchain-based business applications.

    This training program will walk you through the various components of Blockchain technologies and how they affect enterprise imperatives. In addition, you’ll …

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    Linux Rootkits for Red-Blue Teams

    Linux dominates the Server, Embedded and now the Internet of Things (IoT) device market. In recent times, embedded systems and IoT devices in particular have been the weapons of choice in online attacks: botnets like Mirai and Reaper to name a few. Soon the simple attack vectors that these botnets and malware use get patched, it is obvouis that the …

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    Complete SQL Mastery

    Everything You Need to Design and Query Databases in One Course.

    Big databases are everywhere these days. Facebook, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb use SQL-driven databases – to name just a few.

    So, to be a successful developer or data scientist you need to know SQL inside-out.

    It takes you from whatever level you’re at to advanced skills, without delay – using real-life examples and …

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    AWS Cloud Technologies Masterclass

    Are you a freelancer, company or an App Developer, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Web Developer, IT administrator, Data Center Architect, Project Manager, Enterprise Architect, or Programmer? and want to gain fundamental and intermediate level skills and enjoy a fascinating high paying career?




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    Red Hat Certified Specialist in Linux Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

    This course will prepare you for the Red Hat Certified Specialist in Linux Diagnostics and Troubleshooting exam (EX342). You will learn to troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve (or provide evidence of) issues that cause degradation and loss of performance. In addition to preparation for the exam, this course is suited to those that wish to develop their skills in RHEL troubleshooting.



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    Data Science and Blockchain

    This course reviews why blockchain is the future of data science. There are many decisions and issues that face the technical team and data leadership, and this class will enable participants to effectively make those decisions both offensively and defensively.




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