Metasploit Like a Pro


Metasploit is the most common command and control (C2) framework used by penetration testers and red team operators around the globe. It is a framework that is a “must-know” and will give you the confidence to successfully operate on a target network.

This course is very hands-on. Presentations will be minimal because we believe the best way for you to learn is to have your hands on the keyboard. If you have the interest, passion, or desire to learn, We will guide you through this course step by step. You should be able to follow along with video instruction and please take notes! We will not only teach you how to use Metasploit, but we will teach it as if you were using it for a real penetration test!




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Size: 5.06 GB

What You Will Learn

Understand the basic purpose and use of Metasploit & its history
Acquire the knowledge of key elements of a penetration test by using Metasploit
Become efficient in planning and reconnaissance
Master techniques used for scanning and enumerating targets
Become competent in utilizing Metasploit payloads and modules for exploitation and payload delivery
Understand how to utilize Metasploit to maintain access and persistence
Learn awesome post-exploitation modules and more advanced concepts