INE – Enterprise Wireless Concepts & Implementation


So you know a little about Wi-Fi. You know what an SSID is. You’re familiar with the terms access point, controller and 802.11n. If you want to take your knowledge to the next level, this course is for you. In this course, you’ll learn the nuts-and-bolts of how electromagnetic energy is manipulated to create radiofrequency. You’ll learn details of Wi-Fi modulation and encoding and what a “chipping sequence” is. We will discuss RF power and how it can be measured using Decibels, dBi, dBm and the “rule of 10s and 3s”. You’ll then be exposed to some of the ways that 802.11n, ac, and ax have increased Wi-Fi throughput exponentially in the past several years. We’ll move on to lightweight access points, how they discover their WLAN controllers and how controller failover is achieved. You’ll also learn about the components that make up antennas, different types of antennas and how to measure their gain (or loss) using Polar Plots. We’ll teach you about WLAN Roaming, Web authentication, 802.1x with EAP…and a whole lot more!




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