Elearnsecurity – Penetration Testing eXtreme v2


Course at a glance

  • Obscure ways of exploitation and backdooring
  • Advanced client side exploitation techniques
  • Custom attack vector and payload creation
  • In depth Active Directory Reconnaissance & Enumeration
  • In depth analysis of Active Directory exploitation
  • Stealthy lateral movement and evasion against modern defenses
  • In depth analysis of critical domain infrastructure exploitation
  • In depth details of common misconfigurations and weaknesses
  • Details for covert operations and stealthy persistence
  • Extremely Hands-on with challenges in virtual-labs
  • Obtaining the eCPTX certification qualifies you for 40 CPE


HOMEPAGE – https://www.elearnsecurity.it/course/penetration_testing_extreme/


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Our Price: $6.99


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Size: 975 MB


  • Module 1 : Advanced Social Engineering
  • Module 2 : Advanced AD Reconnaissance & Enumeration
  • Module 3 : Red Teaming Active Directory
  • Module 4 : Red Teaming MS SQL Server
  • Module 5 : Red Teaming Exchange
  • Module 6 : Red Teaming WSUS


  • Solid understanding of networks and network related security models
  • Solid understanding of Active Directory administration and Windows internals
  • Good knowledge of network protocols
  • Basic knowledge of PowerShell scripting
  • Basic reverse engineering skills

This training course is for…

  • Penetration Testers
  • IT Security personnel (incl. Blue Team members)
  • IT admins and staff
  • Forensers


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