A Complete Practical Approach To Malware Analysis And Memory Forensics 2021


Malware analysis and memory forensics are powerful analysis and investigative techniques used in reverse engineering, digital forensics, and incident response. With adversaries getting sophisticated and carrying out advanced malware attacks on critical infrastructures, Data Centers, private and public organizations, it is essential for cyber-security professionals to have the necessary skills to detect, respond and investigate such intrusions. Malware analysis and memory Forensics have become a must-have skill for fighting advanced malwares, targeted attacks, and security breaches. This training introduces you to the topic of malware analysis, reverse engineering, Windows internals, and techniques to perform malware and Rootkit investigations. The training covers analysis and investigation of various real-world malware samples and infected memory images(crimewares, APT malwares, Rootkits, etc.) and contains scenario-based hands-on labs to gain a better understanding of the subject.


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This course is intended for:

– Forensic practitioners, incident responders, cyber-security investigators, security researchers, malware analysts, system administrators, software developers, students and curious security professionals who would like to expand their skills

– Anyone interested in learning malware analysis and memory forensics.