Elearnsecurity – Digital Forensics Professional


Course at a glance

  • Learn how to acquire volatile and non-volatile data, using various techniques
  • Dive into the structure of files and then, analyze file headers, malicious documents, and file metadata
  • Become familiar with walking through partitions, recovering corrupted disks and locating hidden data
  • Learn how to analyze both FAT & NTFS file systems
  • Get familiar with file carving and creating your own custom carving signatures
  • Learn how to analyze the Windows registry, LNK files, prefetch files and previously mounted USB devices
  • Learn how to perform thorough investigations, against Skype, explorer’s shellbags and Windows recycle bin
  • Become proficient in forensically investigating network attacks


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    Size: 1.67 GB


    • Module 1 : Introduction to Digital Forensics
    • Module 2 : Data Acquisition
    • Module 3 : Data Representation & Files Examination
    • Module 4 : Disks
    • Module 5 : File Systems
    • Module 6 : Windows Forensics
    • Module 7 : Network Forensics
    • Module 8 : Log Analysis
    • Module 9 : Timeline Analysis
    • Module 10 : Reporting


    • A solid understanding of the fundamentals of modern Operating Systems
    • Basic understanding of Networks and Network Protocols and Programming Languages

    This training course is for…

    • Security professionals, Digital investigators, and Digital Forensics examiners
    • Incident Responders and Threat Hunters
    • Digital Forensics Instructors and students
    • Red team members who want to update their techniques, tactics, and procedures


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