Top 10 Morning Workouts To Do At Home Without Equipment
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Morning- is the most important time to tune the body to such a state! These workout videos are designed to awake your body. Every cell. Every system. To establish your connection with the body and set you up for a wonderful day!

All of these workouts are different. Each of them will warm up your whole body.

But we will work more on the movement of the lymph in some.

We will work more on stretching in some.

We will add strength work to strengthen the muscles in some.

Workouts are suitable for anyone. With any level of physical training.

This course is not a rehabilitation course, it is a great way to get to know the body and its capabilities.

Doing morning exercises every day – you will begin to feel more cheerful.

You will acquire one of the most beneficial habits for health.

Your body will become more flexible.

Your muscles will become more elastic.

And your nervous system will become more stable.
This course consists of 10 workouts of 15 minutes. To complete the classes, you only need a yoga mat. and some space in your apartment that you can use for classes. And a clothes that is comfortable to do sports.


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