SANS FOR498: Battlefield Forensics & Data Acquisition


FOR498, a digital forensic acquisition training course, provides the necessary skills to identify the many and varied data storage mediums in use today, and how to collect and preserve this data in a forensically sound manner despite how and where it may be stored. It covers digital acquisition from computers, portable devices, networks, and the cloud. It then teaches the student Battlefield Forensics, or the art and science of identifying and starting to extract actionable intelligence from a hard drive in 90 minutes or less.


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Size: 7.89 GB

Who Should Attend FOR498?

  • Federal agents and law enforcement personnel who want to master proper acquisition methodologies and ensure that all data are collected properly and in a defensible manner.
  • First responders who attend to a scene where digital equipment seizure may take place. It is crucial at this point to perform proper scene management, identification, preservation, and acquisition.
  • Digital forensic analysts who want to consolidate and expand their understanding of data storage and acquisition in today’s digital storage world.
  • Information security professionals who want to learn the acquisition and triage skills needed to begin Windows digital forensics investigations.
  • Incident response team members who need to preserve indicated computers for digital forensics to help solve their Windows data breach and intrusion cases.
  • Media exploitation analysts who need to collect and preserve systems in Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX) operations on systems used by an individual.
  • Department of Defense and intelligence community professionals tasked with rapid collection and triage of systems.
  • Anyone interested in an understanding of the proper preservation of systems and who has a background in information systems, information security, and computers.