RedTeamNation – RedTeam Blueprint


The RedTeam Blueprint is our go to course for anyone ready to get into the field of Red Teaming, Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking. We designed this course to be beginner friendly but also a challenge to others with experience. The RedTeam Blueprint is a course with over 30+ hours of content and hands on exercises.

Upon completion of this course you will have a solid understanding of how to build/run/manage a Red Team to scale in an Enterprise environment, interact with other internal teams/Executives, ethical hacking and much more described below. You as a student will also have extensive hands on experience in a lab environment while going through the course. The main OS of choice that will be used in Kali Linux. The course ends with a module dedicated to helping students land their job of choice. Our instructors are available at any time through our private Student only Facebook Group for any advice or just to chat!

Joining a Red Team in the Enterprise world takes more than just technical skills. The RedTeam Blueprint will provide you all aspects of technical and non technical skills needed to be effective in the real world of Enterprise Red Teaming. Everything from building a Red Team, handling executives and even team budgets.




Our Price: $4.99


Size: 20.3 GB

The RedTeam Blueprint is our core starting course! Inside this course we will cover topics ranging from general IT (Operating Systems, Networking, etc) to Programming to Red Teaming and finally how it ties into the organization.

The RedTeam Blueprint contains an entire module dedicated to helping you land the job you are aiming for! The Blueprint covers all aspects of building your own personal brand as well as how to pass the difficult Silicon Valley Interviews!