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    Learn Computer Forensics

    This learning path is designed to build a foundation of knowledge and skills around computer forensics. As you progress through 13 courses, you’ll learn about conducting forensics on a variety of platforms and devices, including networks, file and operating systems, memory, email and browsers. Upon completion, you’ll have a base of computer forensics knowledge to carry over to your job …

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    Pentester Academy – Windows Forensics

    This course will familiarize students with all aspects of Windows forensics.By the end of this course students will be able to perform live analysis, capture volatile data, make images of media, analyze filesystems, analyze network traffic, analyze files, perform memory analysis, and analyze malware for a Windows subject on a Linux system with readily available free and open source tools.  Students will also …

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    SANS FOR500: Windows Forensic Analysis (PDF-VID-LAB)

    FOR500 builds in-depth and comprehensive digital forensics knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems by analyzing and authenticating forensic data as well as track detailed user activity and organize findings. It teaches students to apply digital forensic methodologies to a variety of case types and situations, allowing them to apply in the real world the right methodology to achieve the best …

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    Autopsy Basics and Hands On (8-Hours)

    Shows you how to install, configure, and use Autopsy to conduct a digital forensics investigation. Learn about hash sets, keyword searching, Android, timelines, and more. Includes hands-on labs. Requires basic digital forensics knowledge.

    Get training about the most popular open source digital forensics platform from the people who built it. Basis Technology is the most authoritative source for Autopsy Training material.

    This course …

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    Elearnsecurity – Digital Forensics Professional

    Course at a glance

    • Learn how to acquire volatile and non-volatile data, using various techniques
    • Dive into the structure of files and then, analyze file headers, malicious documents, and file metadata
    • Become familiar with walking through partitions, recovering corrupted disks and locating hidden data
    • Learn how to analyze both FAT & NTFS file systems
    • Get familiar with file carving and …