Learn more Python the Hard Way (VID-PDF)


Learn More Python the Hard Way LiveLessons Workshopwill show you how to take five small software projects from concept to completion and demonstrate Zed Shaw’s process for producing software.

This video shows beginners who know basic Python and shows them how to take a concept or idea and turn it into a working piece of software. The projects are small enough for you to complete in one to three hours each, on your own, after watching Zed do it. Each project will include a list of similar projects you can complete on your own and extra challenges to further your education.


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Size: 8.26 GB

What You Will Learn

  • Analyzing a concept, idea, or problem to implement in software
  • Designing a solution based on the analysis
  • Implementing the solution in the simplest way possible
  • How to improve your programming skills using small toy projects
  • How Zed approaches problems as well as other practices in the industry