How To Hack The Box To Your OSCP


Hack The Box has quickly surged to become the premiere place for flexing your hacking talent, learning new skills and preparing for penetration testing exams such as the OSCP.

In this course you will quickly set up a hacking environment in VMWare Workstation and then immediately nose-dive into compromising hacking boxes ranked as easy and medium.

The chief benefit to you in taking this course is that it will greatly enhance your ability to perform well on the exam. I will not only thoughtfully, and carefully, show you how to takeover Windows and Linux boxes, but I will also give you a behind-the-curtain peek into my thought process so you’ll know why I’m doing what I’m doing and why it makes sense.

You’ll also see how I setup my system. I’ll take on you on a tour of my lab so you can replicate everything at home.

I created this course as a means of helping me pass the exam.  I currently don’t have the OSCP cert.  I’ve taken the training material and took the 24 hour exam but failed it.  BUT! Instead of letting that get me down, I decided to create an online course as a means of helping me master the concepts I encountered in my training and on the exam.

We are about to have a lot of fun and I can hardly wait to come along side you on your journey to earning your OSCP. Are you ready to have fun studying for this thing?




Our Price: $3


Size: 13.8 GB