Injection flaws have dominated web application vulnerability lists since time immemorial. And despite OWASP reducing their ranking from 1 to 3, they are still one of the most devastating web application vulnerabilities. Efforts have been made for years to secure applications against related attacks, from new frameworks to new defensive techniques. A lot has been done, but is it enough? This course enables you to walk through dozens of hacklabs and learn how – despite defensive efforts – injection flaws persist, with drastic effects on application security.

Get into the attacker mindset for 2 days and deploy over 30 fresh and novel injection attacks via our state-of-the-art hacklabs. This practical course is packed with information and delivered by professional penetration testers, well-versed in web hacking from their years of experience in the wild. By the time you leave, you’ll understand how to deploy attacks using complex injection flaws.


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