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    Code with Mosh – Complete Python Mastery

    Python is the most popular programming language in the world. The average salary for a Python developer is $116k in the USA. That’s almost $30k more than other developers! Python is used by big companies like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Reddit, Spotify, Quora, etc. Mathematicians, scientists, engineers and developers love it because of its simple and elegant syntax. It’s the #1 …

  • Shop , Programming – Secure Coding Practices Specialization

    This Specialization is intended for software developers of any level who are not yet fluent with secure coding and programming techniques.Through four courses, you will cover the principles of secure coding, concepts of threat modeling and cryptography and exploit vulnerabilities in both C/C++ and Java languages, which will prepare you to think like a hacker and protect your organizations information. …

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    Code with Mosh – The Ultimate Docker Course

    Docker is a platform for building, running, and shipping applications with ease. That’s why most companies use it and are looking for software or DevOps engineers with Docker skills.

    If you want to increase your employability, excel in your career, and reach highly-paid senior positions, you must have Docker in your resume. And not only that, you should understand how it …

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    Pentester Academy – Scripting Wi-Fi Pentesting Tools in Python

    In this course we will learn how to create Wi-Fi Pentesting tools – sniffer and packet injectors using Python. We will look at both using libraries like scapy and working with raw sockets.
    This course is ideal for students who are aware of the basics of Wi-Fi Security and Python Scripting. You do not need to be a master …

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    Code with Mosh – The Ultimate Data Structures & Algorithms Course

    Studied Computer Science – but never really understood the complex topic of data structures and algorithms?

    Or maybe you’re a self-taught programmer, with little to no knowledge of this important topic.

    Or perhaps you failed a job interview because you couldn’t answer basic data structure and algorithm questions.

    Understanding data structures and algorithms is cruicial to excel as a software engineer.

    That’s why companies …

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    DevelopedByEd Courses Collection

    The Creative HTML5 & CSS3 Course

    The creative HTML5 and CSS3 Course was created for everybody who is interested in learning web development.

    If you are a complete beginner we will cover all the basics to get you up and going to create your first website. If you have some web development skills already, do not worry! We will create 3 …

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    CodingBlocks – Android App Development Master Course

    Our Android Development online course facilitates and boosts your journey right from the fundamentals of UI to building a full-fledged Android app. This online course by Coding Blocks with over 100 recorded videos and 5 live webinars, covers the concepts such as UI design, firebase & push notifications, hardware sensors, networking, and databases. With 24×7 doubt clearing support and regular …

  • Programming , Shop – CSS Layout and Animations

    This course is focused on CSS Layout and Animations. Today I want to show you how you can layout challenging designs simply with CSS grid and Flexbox. We will also focus on creating engaging UI by adding CSS animations. We are going to use CodePen to layout portions of the design for a site called Letter.

    The human brain is hardwired to pay …

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    Learn just enough visual design to be dangerous as a developer

    Many design courses focus on the finer details, heavy theories, getting you to the 99% of being a visual designer, but often disregard the code and handoff aspect. They end up alienating developers who just wish to learn the essentials. If you’re looking to learn “just enough” UI design to …