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    Intensive Kubernetes – ArdanLabs

    This is a course for any engineer who needs to deploy, scale, and operate applications in “Cloud Native” environments. You’ll complete labs and assignments that will help you become productive with Kubernetes.




    Original Price: $499
    Our Price: $15
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    Ultimate Go: Advanced Engineering – ArdanLabs

    From the beginning, you will pair program with the instructor, walking through the design philosophies and guidelines used to engineer the code. Throughout the class, you will learn more about Go and the advanced engineering features of the language.




    Original Price: $699
    Our Price: $15
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    Rust 101

    Rust 101 provides you with everything you need to start learning the Rust programming language. This course was designed for complete beginners and those familiar with coding but want to expand their skill set.

    The course covers core Rust topics, such as primitives, variables, functions, error handling, memory management, ownership, and so much more.




    Our Price: $7
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    Full Stack Development with React & Node JS – GeeksforGeeks

    Looking to become a full-stack developer? This live, online course with a focus on the popular JS library React for front-end and Node.js for back-end along with APIs and deployment is a must-have program for any aspiring developer.




    Our Price: $20
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    Python for Cybersecurity Specialization

    Master Python for a variety of cybersecurity tasks. This Specialization provides an application-driven introduction to using Python for cybersecurity.

    Python is one of the most popular and widely-used programming languages in the world due to its high usability and large collection of libraries. This learning path provides an application-driven introduction to using Python for cybersecurity. Python can …

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    Modern JavaScript for the Impatient

    Modern JavaScript for the Impatient LiveLessons focuses on how to be productive with JavaScript as it exists today. After reviewing the fundamentals of values, variables, and control flow, the video thoroughly covers functions, objects, and classes. The standard library and the most commonly used tools are also covered, as well as key topics related to asynchronous programming, internationalization, and modules.


    HOMEPAGE – …

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    Full Stack for Front-End Engineers, v3

    Learn what it means to become a full-stack engineer. Get hands-on with setting up your own server to build and deploy web applications from scratch. You’ll dive deep into servers, work with the command line, understand networking and security, set up continuous integration and deployment, manage databases, and build containers. Become a well-rounded engineer and gain the confidence that you …

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    Build With Bricks

    A self-paced online course, teaching a step-by step process for creating Bricks websites with an efficient best-practice workflow.

    If you’re anything like many of my students over the past 6 years, you got started with web design because you wanted to be creative and build a lucrative business in the process.

    You chose …

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    Introduction to Bash, VIM & Regex

    In this course James Halliday (Substack), author with more than 750 packages at npm, walks you through an illuminating guide to everything Unix! You’ll learn how to take control of the Unix command line to write your own tools, automate tasks with shell scripts and the pipeline, compose regular expressions to master search patterns, and easily edit files with the …