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    CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) & Cybersecurity Administration (Pack of two courses)

    This learning path prepares you to pass the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) exam. As you progress through 16 courses tied to the five CASP+ domains, you’ll learn advanced practitioner skills, such as analyzing the security risks of new technologies, integrating network and security components, implementing incident response and recovery procedures, integrating technology into a secure enterprise architecture, researching the …

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    Cybrary – CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601)

    Cybersecurity is a rising career field with a need for more security professionals in all industries and types of organizations. One of the greatest hindrances to mitigating cybercrime is the lack of qualified and skilled professionals trained in cybersecurity.


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    Reverse Engineering with Radare2

    In this course we will learn about the Radare2 reverse engineering framework. It is an open source free alternative to IDA Pro. I started to work with it because I think nobody will buy IDA Pro unless it is paid by your employer. Radare2 is a perfect free alternative, its only disadvantage is that it could be hard to start using it. This is …

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    ITPRO.TV – Python for Security

    Python is a great language for learning, writing web applications, and manipulating data. However, Python can be used for security testing as well. In this series, we will explore the use of Python in such concepts as brute force password cracking, making SSH connections programmatically, creating socket connections and port scanner a particular host, banner grabbing from open ports, and …

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    CyberDefense Pro (2021)

    CyberDefense Pro helps you teach students how to monitor and respond to traffic both proactively and analytically, using hands-on labs that challenge with high-stake scenarios they’ll face on the job. It covers 60 of the most up-to-date tools, like Burp Suite, Wireshark, Metasploit, Ettercap, and Nmap, to learn job skills used by Incident Responders, Threat Intelligence Analysts, and Cybersecurity Analysts …

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    ITPRO.TV – Penetration Testing

    In this series, Daniel and Mike discuss, explain, and demonstrate some of the common tools and techniques used by Penetrations Testers during a security audit. Watch as they explore topics like hacking platforms and test environments, creating BIND/REVERSE shells, discovering and exploiting Buffer Overflows, Cross Site Scripting attacks, Local and Remote File Inclusion attacks, SQL-Injection, Password …

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    Cybrary – Post Exploitation Hacking

    Increase your offensive Cyber Security knowledge with online Post Exploitation Hacking training. This online self-paced training will point you in the right direction with a methodology proven to provide the best results when performing hacking activities on highly secured systems with the mission objectives in mind, a skill needed for offensive hackers to be successful in their field.

    As the name …

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    Cybrary – Computer Hacking and Forensics

    Digital crime is more prevalent than ever, and the attacks are getting highly complex. Security software can’t pinpoint it—the eyes and expertise of a trained computer forensics professional is necessary. Our online Computer Hacking and Forensics training course teaches you how to become that professional. Love the idea of digital forensics investigation? That’s what computer forensics is all about. You’ll …

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    Cybercrime And You: Staying Safe in a Hyper-Connected World

    In our hyper-connected world, where instant communication between people, data and machines occurs over global, open networks, cybercrime has become an inescapable part of our daily lives.

    More and more people are increasingly reliant on online spaces to live, study, work, and entertainment and leisure. However, without the requisite cybersecurity infrastructure and knowledge as we learn and work from home, we …