Demystifying Regular Expressions


Whether you’re reading and writing IDS rules, searching in a SIEM, or using grep to search through files, this course will help you get comfortable writing and interpreting regular expressions. 

I hate when I know the data I want is there, but I just can’t find it. This happened to me a lot early in my career, particularly when writing Snort signatures or searching for things in a SIEM. Most tools have limited native matching capability, so it always came down to writing regular expressions to dig deeper. I avoided them like the plague.


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You Will Learn:

  • The most common uses of regular expressions and how to apply them in places you weren’t even aware of.
  • The process of iteratively building and testing regular expressions for things you want to match.
  • Techniques for overcoming common gotchas like dealing with whitespace
  • How to Evaluate the efficiency of expressions by the number of steps it takes to match.
  • A definitive guide to escaping so you’ll know when and how to do it
  • How quantifiers can be used to match specific numbers of data occurrences
  • How to use capture groups to reference specific matched content and perform additional operations on it
  • Complex behavioral structures like lookarounds and conditionals
  • The use of modifiers to match case-sensitive, enable free-spacing, or match in single line mode.