Deep Dive into Wireless Security


This course is ideal for penetration testers, security enthusiasts and network administrators. It will take you on a unique journey starting from learning the core concepts of Wi-Fi technology to performing systematic penetration testing against Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, the course will help you grasp and apply the necessary skills and tools that you will need to hack Software Defined Radio. The main approach of this course is to focus on both theoretical and practical approaches to deliver the most recent attacking techniques and tools you are going to need in the Wireless security realm.

This course starts with the very basics. First, you will learn how to install the tools, some terminology. Then the show will start and you will learn everything with hands-on practice. Free and popular tools are used you don’t need to buy any tool or software. If you are looking for the technical details about wireless technologies and want to learn how do hackers perform their attacks against different wireless mediums. Then this course is for you. Be it known that this course wasn’t designed for script kiddies who just want to learn how to run tools against networks in order to crack Wi-Fi keys.




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