– Hacking Masterclass Ethical Hacking Course for Career Accelerator


A lot of people get suspicious when they hear the term hacking. They associate it with criminal activity, harmful attacks, and stolen data leaks. They’re not wrong… To a certain degree.

There are actually three types of hackers, commonly known as black hat, grey hat, and white hat. The kind described above wears the darkest one, of course. A grey hat hacker means no harm – however, they don’t have permission to enter somebody else’s systems either.

Now the things white hat hackers do is called ethical hacking. Basically, the job of such a person is to make sure there aren’t any vulnerabilities in the system that a malicious hacker could use to enter it and cause harm. While it’s an extremely valuable skill, the number of professionals is still pretty low: you can still be one of the first to learn ethical hacking from scratch and discover how to protect yourself from such things as a bruteforcer or cracking WPA2 with Kali!




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