At-Home Training for Health and Fitness
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Welcome to the At-Home Training. This course is designed to help ease students into exercise and provide results. This course makes it easy to start the fitness journey by prioritizing accessibility and proper fitness practices. This course provides lectures for bodyweight exercises and also provides an at-home training workout program  Additionally, the curriculum has been designed to help trainers progress at their own speed:

  • The first section of the course will provide the knowledge needed before training. It serves as an introduction to this program, and it highlights the importance of accessible training.
  • The second section covers various bodyweight exercises through detailed lectures with step-by-step instructions on exercise form.  In addition to covering multiple exercises, this section provides a workout program using those exercises.
  • The third section covers additional exercises and fitness topics to master at-home training. Exercises covered in this section are primarily isolation movements that can help students hit lagging muscle groups. Completing this section will allow students to create a more refined routine that works off of the section two routine but is more tailored to their needs.

Overall, students will have a prominent understanding of exercise form and workout programming for at-home training The goal of this course is to help those without much training experience start right and stay consistent!


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