Animation Industry Fundamentals


Drawing skills, anatomy, character design, perspective, and overall storytelling- this 6 week course is designed to laser focus on what studios are looking for and how to get the job you want. 

Using these tools, I skipped a 4 year college degree straight into learning on the job- learning the simple fundamentals that are actually used day to day in animation. Composition, story, show production- the things that really matter on the job.

Dreamworks (Kipo and Voltron), WarnerBros, Netflix- I’ve worked in VisDev, BG design/painting, props and character design, storyboard revisionist to story supervisor – and throughout it all, I’ve seen students (as well as myself) make the same mistakes over and over. This class is about recognizing our own patterns. This is the exact same training I apply to my animation team every day.

By the end of the term, you will have the tools to acquire any job you’re willing to work towards.




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