A Matter of Class: Yoga Teacher Mindfulness
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If you seek to strengthen and grow your yoga teaching practice, or even your yoga studio business, you are in the right place! This class is intended to teach you how to build your resilience for teaching during disruptions of all kinds, by becoming more focused and present in the moment. You will learn the many stances of a yoga teacher, and use them to direct your focus in the most meaningful way, always with the customer in mind. Of all the supplemental yoga teacher classes or you could take, this one will be one of the most impactful to your growth, because it challenges you to look within and consider your customer(s).

There is a need for yoga teachers and studio owners to improve their capability of presence and patience, especially with themselves. While yoga teachers know and refine their craft well, the outside distractions and noise of the world is a strong force. Often, it is unintentionally brought into the studio. The yoga teacher who can use mindfulness to notice when they are being unconscious, and then correct their path, will offer a far better class than those who carry these distractions into the yoga studio and onto the mat.

Distractions happen during class, too. From thunderstorms to helicopters taking off outside the studio (!) the sacred presence in a yoga class is always under pressure. Learn to integrate the many stances of the yoga teacher along with mindfulness, to preserve the present moment in your class and in you.

You are invited to join me in this learning journey, never obligated. Your growth into a more conscious and present yoga teacher is entirely your decision and practice.

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