Wireshark 101: Packet Analysis Essentials
Size: 1.40 GB

Wireshark can be intimidating. When we first start looking at a trace file with Wireshark, some basic questions begin flooding in our minds:

What should we look for? Where do we start? How can we find the packets that matter? What filters should we use? What is “normal” and what can we ignore in all this data?

This course addresses these questions in detail. Throughout this course, we are going to look at real-world examples of how to practically use Wireshark to solve network problems and isolate cybersecurity incidents. This skill will help all IT engineers to improve in their analysis and troubleshooting skills. Assignments have been designed with participation in mind. Download the trace file, try your hand at the questions that go along with it, and see if you can solve the network puzzle in the packets.

While learning the art of packet analysis, we will also explore the Wireshark interface, configure custom columns, filters, and coloring rules, learning how to customize the layout so we can spot problems fast. This course will give you comfort with the Wireshark interface and the experience you need to understand core protocols.

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