Visual Trigonometry
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This course is intended for

(a) Teachers who want to introduce trigonometry to the students in a fun and visual way.

(b) Parents who want to engage with their children in exploring trigonometry in a gamified way.

Visual Trigonometry is a revolutionary math concept based on Exploding Dots and Multiplication Table.  It provides a framework where you can visualize the problem and discover the solution in a fun gamified way. The course introduces you to the basic concepts of Visual Trigonometry, and dives into the board game where we learn to prove 45 trigonometric identities in a fun, visual and gamified way without the need to memorize any formulas.  Once you master the concept, you will be able to prove trigonometric identities in a matter of seconds.

Visual Trigonometry helps

(a) Create the love for math and trigonometry.

(b) Remove the fear of math and trigonometry.

(c) Picturize common identities instead of memorizing them blindly.

(d) Provide intuition while proving trigonometric identities in the typical approach.

(e) Connect Arithmetic to Algebra to Trigonometry.

The course contains

(a) 140+ minutes of video explaining the concept in a clear and easy way.

(b) 45 Solved Problems

(c) 40 Quiz Questions

(d) PDF Worksheets to explore more trigonometric problems.

At the end, we will also cover how Visual Trigonometry can be applied in the world of Calculus.

Enjoy the course – It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s revolutionary. 

We guarantee that you will fall in love with trigonometry !!


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