True Finger Independence - Become a Guitar Master
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This course is meant to both begginers and professional guitar players of all musical styles. Wether you play Rock’n’Roll, Pop, Jazz, Flamenco, Classical or Fingerstyle Guitar, this course will teach you the secret behind playing the guitar without effort and how to quickly develop your skills.

The “True Finger Independence – Become a Guitar Master” course is based on a few specific techniques inherited from some of the greatest Flamenco and Classical guitar masters of Spain, who unveilled the secret behind playing the guitar without effort. The True Finger Independence (TFI) technique consists of mastering how to control each and every muscle responsible for the movent of both hands and fingers in order to achieve maximum ease and speed while performing the guitar.

When it comes to Fingerpicking Techniques as well as the specific Left Hand Techniques, the Independent Muscular Perception (IMP) comes into action allowing you to understand how to move one finger at a time without activating any other muscle of your hand, improving considerably the sensation of comfort and easiness while perfoming any piece of music at all.

This course is divided in two parts, which are:

1) TFI applied to the Left Hand technique

   – Pressing

   – Hammer on

   – Pull off

   – Hand, wrist and elbow positioning

2) TFI applied to the Right Hand technique:

  – Fingerpicking Techniques (Free Stroke, Rest Stroke, Semi Rest Stroke)

  – Arpeggio Technique

  – 2 Fingers Scale Technique

  – 3 Fingers Scale Technique

In each of the topics presented in the “True Finger Independence – Become a Guitar Master” course there is an emphasis on how to apply the TFI on each of the techniques listed above. Also, some very important Tips about General Guitar Technique will be explained in order to create a shortcut to the secrets behind playing the guitar in a highly professional level.

This course was developed by internationally awarded Brazilian guitarist Lucas Imbiriba, winner of 13 Guitar Competition Prizes worldwide.  After 18 years in an intense musical career, perfoming over more than twenty countries in four continents, Mr. Imbiriba shares his knowledge and secrets on how to develop your guitar skills at the highest level.


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