Top 10 Neck Exercises To Relieve Headaches and Migraine
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Are you tired of constantly dealing with headaches and migraines? Do you have neck pain or suspect that your neck is contributing to your headaches and migraines? Do you want to take control of your pain and do something active to help relieve your headaches and migraines? Do you want something that is science based? If you answered yes to any one of the questions above, this course is for you!

I’m Dr Beth Yule, a Senior Osteopath. I help women aged 25-55 who experience chronic headaches and/or migraine, where their life is controlled by their attacks, where they are afraid of their next attack, and just want them gone, take control so they can live a life not ruled by headaches and/or migraine.

I have written articles, hosted webinars, and spoken on podcasts about these conditions, including non-musculoskeletal causes and contributors to chronic headaches and migraines. I have also helped rewrite web pages on these topics for Osteopathy Australia. Additionally, I have hosted in-house training courses and sessions on dizziness and migraines at allied health clinics and was invited to host a webinar for the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material on physical health in the labs. I was also very honoured to be awarded VeDa’s OWL (one who listens) award.

In this course you will not only be guided through my top 10 neck exercises step by step, you will also learn why the neck is so important for headaches and migraine, other factors to consider to help your attacks, further tools that you can use to help your neck and therefore help your headaches and/or migraine attacks to being your journey towards a life not burdened by your condition. 


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