Tactic Ninja - Sharpen Your Chess Tactics with a Grandmaster
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It’s not a secret that in chess, especially at beginner and intermediate levels, tactics often decide the outcome.

Improving your chess tactics is one of the quickest routes to raise your rating.

Many chess lovers understand this, but unfortunately, most of them fail.
They try different books and different platforms for solving puzzles…

But there’s little to no improvement in their tactical ability because of two main mistakes they make.

Mistake No. 1:
They try to solve puzzles before learning the tactical motifs.
How can one pick mushrooms in the forest without knowing what the mushrooms look like?

Mistake No. 2:
They study tactical motifs and believe they know it! But studying and learning are very different. To truly internalize acquired knowledge, you must practice.


So, the most effective approach is to study and practice simultaneously, and that’s precisely what we’ll do in this course.

“One of the clearest and most comprehensive instructional courses you will ever find on understanding and sharpening your tactics in chess.”

Shawn Chua

But before I tell you more, let me share with you something amusing.

Lily, who assisted me with editing the course and provided initial feedback, raised her rating by 100 points in just two weeks!

Now, imagine how much you can raise your rating when you train with this course with full focus, without the need to edit or write down feedback? 🙂

Please note that I said “train with this course,” and not “watch” it.
This course is designed to be highly interactive, offering an active learning experience.

(If you’re seeking a course where you can simply relax with popcorn and watch it like a Netflix movie, this is not the right fit for you.)


There are 20 tactical motifs in chess that I’ll help to master them.
I won’t just introduce them by stating, “This is a pin, and this is a fork.”
Instead, we’ll solve puzzles together on each topic, ensuring you deeply ingrain this knowledge.

“I found the course to be outstanding! The puzzles were well-selected and super instructional.” – Zebedee Fortman

Then I’ll reveal how Grandmasters spot tactics during a game, sharing insight into their thought processes.

Then I’ll teach you my “3 Question Method” for noticing hidden tactics.

Towards the end of the course, we’ll tackle puzzles again, but this time, you won’t be aware of the exact topic. However, you will possess the skills to identify any tactics.

HOMEPAGE – https://www.udemy.com/course/tactic-ninja-sharpen-your-chess-tactics-with-a-grandmaster/

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