Spring Boot and Angular Material Full-Stack Development
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This course will teach the journey from beginner to expert, as we dive deep into the powerful combination of Angular Material and Spring Boot.  We’ll start by exploring the fundamentals of Angular Material, a popular UI framework, and Spring Boot, a leading Java-based framework. You’ll grasp the key concepts, set up your development environment, and create stunning user interfaces with Angular Material’s sleek components. Then, we’ll seamlessly integrate these front-end elements with the powerful back-end capabilities of Spring Boot.Learn to develop RESTful APIs, manage data, and integrate seamlessly with the frontend.

Dive into Angular Material to create stunning, responsive front-end interfaces with ease. Learn to leverage Spring Boot to develop a robust, efficient back-end system. Through hands-on projects and practical examples, you’ll discover the seamless integration of these technologies, mastering the art of crafting a dynamic, feature-rich application.

HOMEPAGE – https://www.udemy.com/course/angular-material-and-spring-boot-full-stack-development/

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