Python GUI with PySimpleGUI - easy learn
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Allow me do a short self-introduction. I was the two times Canadian Math Champion for the Caribou Competition, and am deeply involved in data sciences such as web crawlers, data mining, and data visualization. I also contributed meaningful code to open source communities, such as Github. Recently, I also put in work for the Work4Tuition AI model research, specifically the front-end development.

Now, let’s look at the course outline.

During the course, you will learn how to add text elements, input boxes, buttons, drop-down menus and many other common widgets to your screen using PySimpleGUI. There will also be a few projects, such as an interactable traffic light and a basic calculator. This might sound like a lot, a little more than fifty videos, but don’t worry, PySimpleGUI is the easiest Interface designing library out there!

After you graduate this course, you will know how to build your own window and add widgets from your imagination!

The ideal learner is someone who wants to learn Interface designing fast and easy. You only need entry level experience with any programming language to understand the lessons, that’s just how easy it is! You might be overwhelmed when you first see the number of lessons I have, but don’t get stressed out, take your time and enjoy everything. If you don’t understand something, just re-watch that video.


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