Python For Ethical Hackers and Cyber Security Engineers
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  • This course is focused on learning by doing. In this course you will learn both Ethical Hacking and Programming at the same time. First you learn the basic theoretical knowledge about a given topic, then you apply this knowledge by building a hacking tool using python scripting.
  • On this course we will focus on the following topics, networking, shell terminals and cryptography.
  • 1- We dive into details about the OSI model, data encapsulation and how network packets are constructed and exchanged between different hosts.
  • 2- We learn how data is exchanged using both the MAC address and the IP address.
  • 3- We write a python script that will spoof our MAC address.
  • 4- We learn the inner working of the ARP protocol and we apply that knowledge by writing a network scanner using python scripting. A network scanner will discover all live hosts inside our local network using ARP Requests and Replies.
  • 5- We dive into details about IP protocol and ICMP protocol, and we apply this theoretical knowledge by writing a python script that will trace route an IP address and discover all the routers in the path to the target IP address.
  • 6- We build the required knowledge about TCP protocol, how a connection is made during TCP handshake, and how to scan a target host to discover its open ports using TCP port scanning techniques. We write a python script to scan for open ports using TCP_SYN_SCAN, TCP_ACK_SCAN, TCP_FIN_SCAN…
  • 7- We learn how to connect to a target machine and get a shell terminal to execute commands on this target machine, using BIND SHELL and REVERSE SHELL. We write a BIND SHELL and REVERSE SHELL using python scripting.
  • 8- We learn the fundamentals skills about Cryptography, like Data Encoding, Data Hashing, Data Encryption/Decryption, and Password Hash Cracking.
  • 9- We apply the theoretical knowledge about Cryptography by implementing an Hybrid Encryption in Python using RSA Asymmetric Encryption and AES Symmetric Encryption.
  • 10- We write a Password Hash Cracking Tool using Python Scripting.


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