Python 201 for Hackers


The Python 201 for Hackers course builds upon the Python 101 for Hackers course by moving beyond the basics. You will learn more advanced programming concepts and techniques, with a focus on how to use and apply Python as a Windows hacking tool. 

Prior Python programming knowledge is required to be successful in this course. The Python 201 for Hackers course content will not cover or explain introductory Python concepts or techniques.




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Size: 3.08 GB

What will I learn?

The following concepts will be taught in this course:

  • Object Oriented Programming core concepts and Python implementations including classes, objects, methods, inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, operator overloading and class decorators
  • How to work with and debug lower level languages (including C and assembly) and data types from within Python to interface with the official Windows API, the undocumented Windows API and the kernel via direct system calls
  • Building upon standard Python functionality and leveraging modules to perform web scraping, port scanning, threading, cryptography, direct executable conversion and process creation
  • How to leverage Python to extend Burp and create custom extensions, directly inject a DLL into a remote Windows process and hijack an existing thread to directly execute in-memory shellcode