Process/Chemical Engineering - BOOTCAMP 2021
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Process/Chemical Engineering – BOOTCAMP 2021 course mainly focuses on the most significant elements of process engineering that should be known by Chemical and Process Engineers and those who are interested in this field. Besides the needed theoretical knowledge about process engineering, you will have a unique chance to learn the design procedures for mostly utilized unit operations in industry by looking through the following sections:

  • Introduction to Process Engineering, types of projects, the engineering companies and their types that should be known by course takers, overall design steps for the whole project
  • Process Engineering Drawings, the main drawings, such as BFD, PFD, P&ID, isometrics
  • Mixture Properties, getting into the behavior of mixtures
  • Material and Energy Balance
  • Fluid Flow Fundamentals, the most fundamental and applied knowledge about fluid transport and its significant contributors
  • Gravity Separations & Separators, the main theory about separation by gravity, practical knowledge about the principle and design specifications of equipment
  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Heat Exchangers, the fundamental theory of Heat Exchanger and its design principles
  • Process Control Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Process Safety

Do you want to know more about “What is Process/Chemical Engineering?”, let’s go ahead then:

Process Engineering provides the chemical or biochemical processes and equipment that are used to turn raw materials into an end product and is an essential part of the manufacturing industry.

Process Engineers create, set specifications, develop, implement and monitor this equipment or these processes as part of the manufacturing system. Within pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, the processes involved can be chemical or biochemical.


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