Practical Firewall Penetration Testing | Firewall Audit
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Firewall penetration testing is the process of locating, investigating and penetrating a certain firewall in order to reach the internal trusted network of a certain system.

Mostly considered to be a key part in external network penetration testing, firewall In this video we discussed the below points.

  • Locating The Firewall
  • Conducting Traceroute
  • Port Scanning
  • Banner Grabbing
  • Firewall Enumeration Testing
  • The Firewall Policy
  • Firewalking
  • How to identify Firewall Specific Vulnerabilities
  • Firewall Penetration Test Process/Checklist
  • 8 Firewall Best Practices for Securing the Network || Check Point
  • For Web Access Policy – URL Filtering categories.xlsx

Below Tools used during:

  • NMAP
  • HPING3
  • Firewalk
  • Network audit tool
  • Tracert
  • Traceroute

The main purpose of performing firewall penetration testing is to prevent unauthorized access to the internal network from the internet. Depending on the type of firewall, most represent a traditional stateless firewall or a next-generation firewall, which remembers the state of all connections.

The success of any firewall penetration test depends on multiple factors. Making sure firewall policies and rules are configured properly will greatly reduce the attack success and prevent most unauthorized connection attempts.

Using security scanners such as Nmap, Hping and Netcat to enumerate and fingerprint the firewall will provide various information about the firewall, its access control lists and the state of its ports. Most decisions and actions a penetration tester will take will depend on these firewall responses.

Next-Gen Firewalls:

  • Check Point
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Sophos
  • Juniper Networks
  • pfSense
  • Versa Networks
  • SonicWall
  • Cisco
  • WatchGuard
  • Forcepoint
  • Fortinet
  • Barracuda Networks

Who this course is for:

  • This Course is Suited for students who want to get deeper understanding on Practical Firewall Penetration Testing | Firewall Audit

What you’ll learn

  • Practical Firewall Penetration Testing
  • Firewall Audit
  • Firewall Penetration
  • Network Security


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