Mastering Digital Forensics with FTK Imager
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This course, Mastering Digital Forensics with FTK Imager, will guide users through the features and processes necessary to use FTK Imager.

Digital forensics is an essential aspect of modern-day forensic investigations, law enforcement, information security, and IT professionals. As more and more information is stored and transmitted digitally, the need to capture and analyze digital evidence becomes increasingly important. FTK Imager is one of the most widely used tools for capturing digital evidence in the field of digital forensics.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to master FTK Imager as a tool for digital forensics investigations. We will start with an introduction to FTK Imager, including its key features and benefits. From there, we will cover the requirements for setting up FTK Imager to install and familiarize yourself with FTK Imager, including how to install it on a USB drive. We will also cover the FTK Imager user interface in detail, including how to capture volatile and protected data using FTK Imager, how to capture RAM from a live machine, capture Windows Registry with FTK Imager, the process of creating a forensic image in various formats, viewing evidence using FTK Imager, the triage process for gathering evidence from live machines, how to examine the evidence with FTK Imager, including forensic triage evidence, examining MFT (Master File Table), and much more.

Additional Learnings (Endless Benefits)

This course is divided into video lectures, practicals, and quizzes so viewers can quickly get the information they want and need. This course adds up to approximately 4 hours of training, which gives the user an understanding of how to work each of FTK Imager’s features.

By the end of this course, you will have skills and knowledge, and a deep understanding of FTK Imager and its capabilities, and you will be able to use it effectively and be confident in the process of forensically imaging and analyzing the collected digital evidence in a variety of digital forensics as part of an investigation.

Whether you are a law enforcement professional, digital forensics professional, information security professional, IT professional, student, or simply someone interested in learning more about digital forensics and FTK Imager, this course is for you. With no prior experience required, you can get started today and take your digital forensics skills to the next level.


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