Master NEW Excel Functions in Office 365 & Office 2021
Size: 3.63 GB

Data analysis in Excel for Microsoft 365 has become simpler than ever.

We have NEW Excel functions like XLOOKUP, FILTER, SORT, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE and MORE!

PLUS: Microsoft has changed Excel’s calculation engine.

This change impacts EVERYONE who uses Microsoft 365 version: Beginner to Advanced Excel users.

There are MULTIPLE ways you can apply Dynamic Arrays and the NEW Excel Functions to YOUR Files.

This course shows you how to MAXIMIZE the NEW Potential in Excel 365!

For example:

  • Use Excel’s new FILTER Function to find multiple match results
  • Use Excel’s new XLOOKUP function for complex lookups (no more VLOOKUP or Index Match)
  • Create Excel Dashboard reports in MINUTES instead of HOURS
  • Create Pivot Table style reports, without using Pivot Tables – no need to press “refresh” this way
  • Quickly create dynamic loan amortization reports in Excel or dynamic calendars
  • Master the new UNIQUE, SORT & SORTBY Excel Functions
  • Use the brand new Excel RANDARRAY Function to randomly sort lists
  • Use VLOOKUP, IF and SUMIFS together with Excel Dynamic Arrays formulas

In addition you’ll learn:

  • How to add Interactivity to your Excel reports as never done before
  • How to use the new Dynamic Arrays formulas in your files
  • How Excel’s calculation engine has changed and how this impacts all existing formulas
  • Compatibility & how older files behave in the new Excel and New Excel files in the old Excel
  • Do Dynamic Arrays make our spreadsheets faster or slower?
  • Use Dynamic Array referencing as Excel chart ranges
  • Solve difficult problems – such as split text and numbers from alphanumeric values & much more…
  • Most importantly – how to think outside the box to solve any challenges you come across


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