Marketing, Finding Clients & Pitching for Freelancers
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This short course covers marketing, finding clients and pitching for freelancers – basically, getting the work in!

Finding work and clients is one of the scariest things for freelancers. ‘I’ll never get any work,’ is one of the things we often hear from people who like the idea of being freelance, but decide against it.

It can also be just as big a worry for those of us who’ve been in the game for a long time. Most, if not all, career freelancers know that sinking feeling when things start to get quiet. At the other end of the spectrum are those who freelance on a part-time or casual basis, who might be thinking, ‘I’d like a little extra work’.

In every case, freelancers need to market themselves and reel in some clients, which is exactly what this course is about.

It’s broken down into active and passive marketing techniques. The first involves deliberately getting in touch with clients and letting them know you want to work for them – such as meeting up in person (very effective), online freelance platforms, plus other, more offbeat methods – and is typically the most direct route to getting work.

Passive marketing is all about what people see when they find you online – your social media, portfolio, or website – and we look at how to make those things smart, professional, and appealing to clients.

This course also covers pitching – a common marketing technique for many freelancers – and delves into the differences between successful pitches and truly terrible ones. The downloadable materials include examples of real pitches that led directly to commissions that you can adapt to suit you, as well examples of cold call emails to clients that worked in the real world.

As with all the Bite-Size Freelance courses, this one is designed to be as universal as possible, and the emphasis is on easy, practical methods that you can implement immediately, regardless of who you are, where you are, or what you do.

Both aspiring and existing freelancers can benefit from the techniques covered in this course – and it’s short enough to do on your lunch break.


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