Learn Flutter MVVM Architecture | Build Weather App
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In this course you will learn and build flutter weather app using mvvm architecture.

MVVM architecture (Model-View-ViewModel) is the software design pattern that separates the graphical user interface from the business logic of an application.

Model–view–viewmodel is an architectural pattern in computer software that facilitates the separation of the development of the graphical user interface.

Model — View — ViewModel (MVVM) is the industry-recognized software architecture pattern that overcomes all drawbacks of MVP and MVC design patterns. MVVM suggests separating the data presentation logic(Views or UI) from the core business logic part of the application.

MVVM separates the different components of the development process into three categories, model, view and ViewModel. This typically involves code markup or graphical user interfaces (GUI). MVC, or model-view-control is a way developers separate programs into these three components.

MVVM is a design pattern that follows the principle of separation of concerns, meaning each component of an app has a specific role and responsibility, and does not depend on or interfere with other components.

he key principles of REST APIs include statelessness, uniform interface, resource-based architecture, self-descriptive messages, and hypermedia as the engine of application state (HATEOAS). These principles promote simplicity, modularity, and independence between client and server components.

GetX is a fast, stable, and light state management library in flutter. There are so many State Management libraries in flutter like MobX, BLoC, Redux, Provider, etc. GetX is also a powerful micro framework and using this, we can manage states, make routing, and can perform dependency injection.

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