Learn Cloud Security Architecture


The Cloud Security Architecture skill path teaches you enterprise security architecture concepts related to the cloud, including cloud infrastructure, data and application security.

This learning path provides an in-depth look at cloud security architecture. As you progress through 17 courses, you’ll build your knowledge and skills around cloud infrastructure and design, cloud data and application security, network security, secure storage, cryptography, secure software development and design, data center and physical security, and more. Upon completion, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of cloud security architecture to carry over to your next role or project.


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Size: 6.32 GB

What you’ll learn.

  • Data, application and infrastructure security
  • Cloud security operations
  • Secure storage and devices
  • Secure software development and design
  • Legal issues related to cloud security
  • And more!

Who is this for?

At least two to three years of information security experience is recommended.

This skill path is designed for:

  • Security architects
  • Security engineers
  • Cloud security specialists
  • Anyone with a desire to build their cloud security architecture skills