Learn C Programming with 100+ Practical Examples
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This course has been optimized to meet the requirements and demands of students eager to learn the C Programming Language most easily and attractively. Including handpicked coding materials and tens of exercises with full video solutions – this bestseller course is expected to provide you with everything you need to get started (for beginners) as well as provide you with beneficial knowledge if you’re working in the High-tech industry (especially in the Embedded, Microcontrollers, Cyber, and other domains).

Who’s this course for?

  1. C students in college/university. It has been optimized to meet the needs of the beginner students.
  2. High-tech employees, especially but not limited to, at the Embedded Systems, Microcontrollers, and Cyber Security domains.
  3. Absolute beginners and hobbyists who want to get the first taste of programming using the c language.

So if you belong to one of these – then I think you’re going to LOVE this course!

What is C Programming Language?

C Language is the “mother” of all programming languages.

C first appeared almost 50 years ago and has been used for the development of:

  • Operating Systems – C as its core.
  • Core parts of famous databases (such as Oracle and MySQL) – Yes, even MySQL was developed using C.
  • Cyber-Systems
  • Smart Homes & Smart Cities
  • Systems including Sensors and Micro Controllers (especially in Embedded Systems) – Common usage to programming an MCU using C Programming Language. ( If you are interested in C application, please check my course, “Learn 8051 Embedded System Design by 100 Practical Projects!”

Also, if you’re familiar with Python Programming Language – then you better know that a lot of Python-efficient libraries are implemented in C.

HOMEPAGE – https://www.udemy.com/course/learn-c-programming-with-tens-of-practical-examples/

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